Tuesday, December 21, 2010

usopp ~ marksman "The Straw Hat Pirates'

Usopp (ウソップ Usoppu), nicknamed "King of Snipers Sogeking" (狙撃の王様 Sogeki no Ō-sama?, renamed "Sniper King" in the English manga), is the crew's 17-year old (now 19 years old due to 2 years in training starting in chapter 598)marksman. His name comes from Uso, which means liar in Japanese, and Aesop, the author of The Boy Who Cried Wolf. He is a liar, talented inventor, as well as a skilled painter and sculptor. His primary weapon is a slingshot, which he uses to fire various kinds of ammunition, ranging from rotten eggs and shuriken to hot sauce, and both flaming and exploding projectiles. Later, he creates himself a large, dial-powered slingshot he calls Kabuto (カブト), with which he is able to outrange even guns. Usopp's father, Yasopp, left his family to become a pirate with Shank's crew when Usopp was still very young. Some time after this, Usopp's mother, Banchina (バンキーナ Bankīna), fell ill. Usopp started telling lies, stating that his father had returned and would be taking them with him. His mother eventually died, but Usopp, in his sadness, continued to lie. Despite all this, he does not blame his father for leaving him, but takes pride in his heritage. He is inspired by Luffy, Zoro and Nami and decides to go out to sea, following his dream of becoming a "brave warrior of the sea". His weakness as a fighter weighs heavily upon him and when after the crew is defeated and almost destroyed by Admiral Aokiji of the Marines, Luffy decides to replace the badly damaged Going Merry, the Straw Hats' first ship, which is given to them by Usopp's friend "Kaya", a girl from his village that he used to cheer up with his lies, Usopp goes so far as to temporarily leave the crew. Usopp's current bounty is 30,000,000 Berries. He is voiced by Kappei Yamaguchi in the Japanese version of the franchise.. In the English dubs, he is voiced by Jason Anthony Griffith for 4Kids, and by Sonny Strait for Funimation.
Usopp ranked in the Top 10 of all three Shōnen Jump character popularity polls. In a 2007 Oricon poll, Usopp was voted the 10th most wanted character to receive a spin off amongst all respondents, and the 5th most popular amongst males In a review of Funimation Entertainment's second DVD release for Mania Entertainment, Bryce Coulter notes that Usopp "brings lots of comic relief to the series", but also comments that he "can be down right annoying at times

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